Caprotti Luce’s Lighting design shop

“the enlightened matter” 18 november 2015/15 january 2016 Caprottiluce, Via Carlo Alberto 50, Monza (MB), Italy Ph. +39 039322368 – We thank to all who have come at the party and made it special for us . Caprotti Luce website.
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Architectural Digest: Antonangeli’ s proposals

We are pleased to announce the editorial release on the website of the prestigious AD journal, Italy. The page dedicated to LETTURA and VIVAEDISON collections testify, once again, the attention paid by the media to our original and unique proposals. Cordially. Gianfranco Marabese AD website.
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Emanuele Bortolotti’s “Il giardino inaspettato”

It was published the well’known landscape designer Emanuele Bortolotti’s book “Il giardino inaspettato”. A volume dense of landscape’s solutions and emotions where some Antonangeli’s products have contributed to the achievements.
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Architectural Digest – october 2015

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Marie Claire July/August 2015

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Italian lighting – May-June 2015

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