design Gianfranco Marabese 2018

Archetto Space, an Antonangeli patent, is a system that develops the use of materials and technology adopted with the previous Archetto collections, starting in 2012. Luminous segments in silicone, from 1 to 5 meters long, applied on inox-steel tensile structures, and freely run upon them. The result is “floating” light effects: direct, indirect or 360 ° light. Being able to stretch very light structures in space, applying high-performance light segments to them, moving them by changing light distribution according to needs and layouts, means opening new, wide-ranging scenarios and endless application opportunities for designers and users. The system offers the possibility to apply a spot on the tensile structure to create dedicated and punctual light accents.

Archetto Space is an Antonangeli's patent

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La lampada/About the lamp