design Gianfranco Marabese 2013

Archetto Custom allows to obtain lines of light with extensions dimensional variables up to 5 meters: tailoring solutions particularly appropriate in emphasis and lighting, facades, windows, light paths and installations.

White Led: 3000/4000°K, 120 led/mt,
1100lm/mt 19,7W/mt, 24V.
RGB: 120led/mt, 20W/mt, 24V
Control’s system: radio / infrared
From 100 cm you can ask multiple of 5 cm. The pieces are provided with suitable power cord 100 cm long neoprene. IP67 Waterproof. Minimum length 100 cm – max 500 cm.
The Archetto Custom profile can be applied freely on supports designed and engineered for unusual paths of

Archetto is a trademark


03_archetto custom BAKU