design Gianfranco Marabese 2018

Archetto Space, an Antonangeli patent, thanks to the materials and the technology used in the Archetto Collection from 2012, allows the user to ‘free the light in spaces by creating spaces of light’. The luminous segments made of silicone, which are long 1 to 5 meters, are applied on tensile structures and freely run upon them. This resulting in unusual, personalized and flexible ‘floating’ direct: undirect or 360° light effects. Thanks to Archetto Space, in 2018 the Archetto Collection enriches the range of possibilities for the designers: the ‘pencil of light’ dematerializes the shape, which is free, lighter and movable: always to the benefit of a touching light.
In 2019 the system gives the possibility to apply a spot on the tensile structure; to create specific light effects, and expands his production in the Outdoor: the performant ‘pencil of light’ get kindly and easy into the landscape, but with strong personality.

Archetto Space is an Antonangeli's patent




La lampada/About the lamp