design Romeo Guaricci 2019

Soul borns from the desir to translate daily shapes in an object with a new and personal
touch. It becomes a lamp with a living soul: able to wrap any ambience, indoor and outdoor.
Soul is a minimal and light structure, but also harmonious and comforting: the light borns
from the volume and transparency contrast, given by an innovative ‘tricot’ coating.
The Ecofibra’s meshes are an unbreakable, technical textile, bio compatible and UV resistent.
It is lasting and suitable for the outdoor use. The presence of vinyl makes the textile raincoat
and washable in the washing machine at 30°: it is non-toxic and anti-bacterials.
Material: metallic structure
Cover: UV resistant vinyl Ecofibra’s meshes
F2 Structure E27 2550, Led incorporated 4,5W 220V 400 Lm